Secluded gardens and nooks of Brussels

Author:  Donatienne de Séjournet et Vincent Halleux
Description: a book that is a walk through the charming and bad known nooks of Brussels.
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Brussels is one of those cities that do not reveal all their beauty at first sight.

This stroll through the city, which is numbered among the greenest in Europe, allows you to retrace its distant and recent past marked by men divided between the preservation of its nooks of greenery and an excessive urban development.

Through the photos of this album, the gardens of Brussels reveal their many facets to the reader’s gaze: the structured, classical, English-style, wild or romantic public garden; the private garden between four walls or opening out over broader expanses; the most secluded nooks right in the very heart of the city…

Mots-clés (keywords) : book, Brussels, cities, city, gardens, nooks, tourism, towns

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Donatienne de SÉJOURNET, Vincent HALLEUX





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